About Greta Claire

Heterodox. Crazy Cat Lady. Chroma Engrossed. Sarcastic Goofball. 


Greta Claire grew up on a farm near Madison, Minnesota and now lives in the Twin Cities. Her passion for creating has been life-long; always playing with sporadic expression. The concept of boredom does not exist. The unorthodox, the contemporary, the modern, and the abstract are all driving forces.


She received a Bachelor of Science majoring in Interior Design from The Art Institutes International. Throughout college, Greta fell in love with interior design, architecture, and landscape architecture. The three are holistic, all working together to create the ultimate experience. In addition to creating art, she works with architects, interior designers, and landscape architects to create space in both the natural and built worlds. 


Early on Greta's focus was heavy on graphite and sculpture. After graduating college she started seriously "dipping" her toes into the painting pool. She was hooked. Suffering chronic health issues, painting revived her spirit and made constant pain more tolerable. Thankfully, the difficult times led to a bright and colorful existence. 


"I'm continually exploring and figuring out what works/doesn't - for me that is what art is; not just a human's creation but their path and success/failures along that journey. Through this wild journey I've tamed my perfectionism. I allow my intuition to take hold of the paintbrush, with a grasp wide enough to give the chaos of abstractness some refinement. That is what I live for... to push those boundaries.."


Gratefully, Greta Claire has been asked to display works during New York Fashion Week; donate to various events across the nations like the Annual Beastly Ball for the Minnesota Zoo or to NEWH's Art Melange; show and curate art shows across the Twin Cities + the Midwest; commissioned works internationally and locally.  As well as displaying works, she's been interviewed by some wonderful human beings. If interested in more direct commentary from herself, feel free to check out one of the interviews by Minnesota Original (www.mnoriginal.org) which aired January, 2016 on TPT. Click here to watch the feature online. She was also featured nationally on PBS Newshour's ArtBeat blog


If you're also interested in keeping up with daily or weekly process, feel free to check out her Instagram account ( @gretacat ) : 

Photo taken by Dan Fergus.

Photo taken by Dan Fergus.